Screen Shots

Customer Relationship Management
Quick and easy input of new customers
Fast recall of existing customers
Repeat customers easily identified
Discounts easily applied

Group Booking Style Screen
Hire Navigator supports two styles of screen for added flexibility

Sample Group Booking Invoice
Split payments with different payment types are now supported for group members

Non Group Booking Style Screen

Sample Non Group Booking Hire Invoice

POS screen cash sale

Sample POS cash sale invoice

Customer Job Cards
Print cards to record customer details so that details can be scanned by a barcode reader into Hire Navigator

DIN Setting Calculator
Supports Salomon and Rossignol DIN setting calculation
Scan details from Customer Job Card for quick input

DIN settings are saved with the customer details and the date and time that these were changed is also recorded

Easily customise invoices


Servicing Management
• Full monitoring of in-house servicing of
customer equipment
• Allows allocation of technician to the job
• Full job status monitoring
• Easy customer invoice creation



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