Automatic Web Update for software upgrades and notifications.
Configuration Wizard for easy setup.

Customer Relationship Management
• Quick and easy input of new customers
• Fast recall of existing customers
• Repeat customers easily identified
• Discounts easily applied
• Quickly input customer details by scanning their driver's licence
• Suburbs/Locality lookups to speed postcode entry and improve data capture quality.
• New Suburbs or localities can be quickly added when inputting Customer details.

Inventory Management
• Easy tracking of stock on hand, stock on hire and stock returns

• Multi company setup available
• Training company available – staff learn to use the program with actual customer database
• Multi User – security levels for different user groups
• Company branding available on screens and invoices.
• Menu background picture can be changed to Company logo.

Hire Management
• Fast and simple integration with customer details
• Barcode scanning of all hire and sale items
• Hire and sale items on the same receipt
• Bar coding of invoices allowing for faster returns processing
• Group Bookings with split payments. Supports any combination of payment type for group members
• Pre-Booking
• DIN setting calculator. Salomon and Rossignol settings
• Customer Job Cards
• Driver's Licence Scanner support. Quickly scan customer details for a hire. Recognises change of address and permits the operator to quickly update it
• Print blank invoices
• Additional invoice customisation options
• SMS reminder service – with message customization option
• Insurance cover available
• Multiple invoice copies available
• Multiple prices and hire packages available
• Easily customise invoices
• Caters for Travel Agent Vouchers

Servicing Management
• Full monitoring of in-house servicing of customer equipment
• Allows allocation of technician to the job
• Full job status monitoring
• Easy customer invoice creation

Accounts Management
• Accounts receivable module available for non COD customers
• Customer deposit handling
• Configurable discounts – can provide special discounts for different sources
• Customisable invoices for terms and conditions
• Export sales and purchases to MYOB. Multi company MYOB export supported.
• MYOB ODBC Direct provided free of charge.

Orders Management
• Track and manage stock orders

Report Management
• Easy access to all reports
• Preview of all reports to screen available
• Archiving of EOD/EOM reports for later use
• Daily and monthly transaction reporting
• Stamp Duty and GST reporting
• Customer reporting
• Sales reporting
• Audit reporting
• Discounts reporting

Data Management
• Easy back up system to all media types
• Backup live – avoids needs of staff having to log out of the program
• Customer data import and export

Future Developments
• Keycorp EFTPOS Terminal Integration


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