Flex Samples


Advanced Data Form Control

This flex control has the following features

  • 2 way data binding with a DTO by setting the datasource and datafield properties
  • Number formatting for textinput control
  • Auto number conversion if target DTO property is numeric
  • Added updateable property to make form items read only
  • Validators are fired automatically whenever the contents of a control changes
  • Form can be zoomed to a selected size
  • In the zoomed state the form will autoscroll when a control gets focus

View sample advanced data form control


Airfoil Control

This flex control will plot an airfoil. This sample is linked to a SQL Server 2005 database.
The data access is provided by a FlourineFX gateway and a C# ASP.Net application.
The DAL and service library layer was generated using RapTier.

View sample airfoil control





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